Apple watch
Apple watch

For 6 years Apple Watch has been taught how to monitor your health. Not just measuring the pulse, but also the level of oxygen in the blood, even doing something like an ECG. But this is not the final point in the development of Watch. They decided to build in a blood pressure monitor so that blood pressure would be under control.

Apple watch
Apple watch

How does it work in Apple watch?

You will say that such a measurement is impossible because the watch strap is not the cuff of the sphygmomanometer. He does not know how to inflate and deflate, but this applies to such a short-term measurement. Apple decided to go its own way: Watch will measure blood pressure and heart rate all the time. A special strap will be put on the hand and wrap around it. It is promised that there will be no discomfort.

“Pressure measurement can be useful when monitoring one or more user parameters,” the patent says. “For example, blood pressure measurements can be a useful measurement parameter for the user, since high blood pressure (eg, hypertension) can be an indicator of potential health problems.”

Is it useful?

The watch, constantly monitoring your condition, will be able to notify you of a deviation from the norm. The norm will not be the same as we are used to now, because the measurement itself is conducted differently. But the most important thing about this technology is to encourage you to go to the doctor in case of frequent deviations.

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