Bolt Scooter
Bolt Scooter

The latest Bolt scooter, the Bolt 4, features sensors that detect falls, accidents, braking, and etc. Its design has been optimized for added stability and safe maneuvering.

What’s new in Bolt scooter?

The Bolt 4’s center of gravity is extremely low while maintaining a high clearance, plus the device has an improved wheel angle and is extremely lightweight (approximately 19 kg). A range of design and software solutions, such as hard braking detection and alerts, minimize the risk of accidents, which is a big sell-point.

The Bolt 4
The Bolt 4

The innovations introduced allow cyclists and pedestrians to be alerted, and also allow teams to react right away if necessary. Bolt 4 design patent and battery replacement solution filed. The new Bolt scooter model will be seen by first users in early 2021 in Bergen, Norway.

The Bolt 4 e-scooter is designed by engineers and the companies team is directly responsible for creating and supplying the components. The next-generation Bolt scooters are completely recyclable and have a design life of 60 months.

Now it’s green

The innovations introduced to the design of electric scooter are part of the “green cleaning”, that is, taking a serious look at the platform’s impact on the environment. Bolt announced in September that all scooter travel will be CO2-negative by the end of 2020. We can safely say that they on a tight track. Although there is some way to go.


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