Capcom Retro Station
Capcom Retro Station

Retro-consoles has always been extremely special for a big number of gamers. Nostalgia is a very strong force. Japanese developers such as SonyNintendo, and Capcom are some of the supporters of this trend. It seems that one of them is ready to present another mini arcade machine – The Capcom Retro Station, which comes with your favorite games that have helped lay the foundation for what the company is today.

Capcom Retro Station
Street Fighter

The console is called Capcom Retro Station, which will come with a game collection, including the popular Street Fighter and Mega Man series. This retro machine has an 8-inch unregulated screen and weighs only 2.1 kg. It comes with a total of 10 games.

Capcom Retro Station

The release of retro cones, packed with classic games, is an ideal way to preserve the company’s heritage. While the Capcom Retro Console seems to be a worthy gift that would fascinate its fans with a nostalgia, it also has one serious problem. This arcade system, has one port for the controller, which seems rather ironic given that it comes with Street Fighter games that are usually played with others.

Unfortunately, the retro station is planned to be produced only in Japan, and as for other countries, it is not clear yet. The official price at the time of writing this article was not confirmed, but it is said that it would cost 21,789 yen, which is approximately equal to 210 dollars. While the Western release for this retro console may seem a distant reality, fans should not lose hope.



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