Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR Colorfull background
Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR

To efficently work on the visual effects professionals need a monitor with high picture quality. DELL representatives are aware of this and understand the need to create strong competitive advantages against the leaders of the market — Apple company.

This factor inspired the company’s engineers to create the new Dell Ultrasharp 32 HDR. This model is equipped with special LED lighting with 2,000 separate dimming zones, which makes the picture maximum realistic. The novation has become a real breakthrough in the world of digital technologies and is currently competing with an Apple product.

Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR Calibration tool
Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR

Built-in Color Calibration Tool

Dell Ultrasharp 32 HDR also features enhanced 4K quality and additional built-in tools for accurate image calibration. One of these tools is called Calman Powered Color Calibration Engine and allows you to calibrate even when the monitor is not connected to a computer or other device. This makes it the undisputed leader among monitors from other manufacturers.


Also, users can choose the most convenient port for connecting the device to a personal computer: DisplayPort 1.4, one of the Thunderbolt ports, USB, or HDMI 2.0. The monitor has a 32-inch IPS-matrix with support for 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a brightness level of 1000 cd/m2. With all of the above parameters, the maximum screen brightness is 1000 nits.

All of these characteristics allow you to use the capabilities of Ultrasharp to create realistic visual effects. It also means Dell is more than ready to dominate the digital marketplace and oust Apple as the leader.

Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR Front and Back view
Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR

The company’s vice president, Bert Park, in his most recent interview regarding the company’s new product, said: “Technology is critical to us to help people do their jobs in the best possible way, adapting to any work environment. We strive to ensure that our products continue to be the perfect complement to any computer and help provide users with maximum comfort combined with productive work.”

Where to buy new Dell monitor?

The start of sales of the Dell Ultrasharp 32 HDR of the digital giant is started on November 5, 2020. Now the price of the DELL monitor is almost $ 5,000.

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