Elder Scrolls Online On Twitter
Elder Scrolls Online

Gamers from all over the world have been waiting for Elder Scrolls Online on Twitter with two dozen different digital prize packs. Unfortunately, so far, the prizes are only available to users from New Zealand and Australia. We can only hope that this situation will soon change.

Popular Series

Appeared at the end of the last century, ESO has won the hearts of a huge number of computer game lovers from all over the world. All actions in the various series of The Elder Scrolls take place in a detailed-developed universe and give the player considerable freedom. He can visit different areas and cities of the fictional fantasy world as also find interesting places and perform various tasks, at its discretion. ESO has always been highly regarded by experts in the online gaming industry and has received many awards.

Elder Scrolls Online On Twitter New Features

Now a well-known developer of online role-playing games, made it possible for users of the social network Twitter to participate in interesting adventures. On this platform, any player can choose the most suitable scenario based on The Elder Scrolls and start their journey. Then, using special links on Twitter, you can send a screenshot of the passage of a level to one of the digital ESO packages, to get the coveted prize. For a short period of time, Bethesda company even offered to play Elder Scrolls Online for free. Such a literate marketing move was made to promote the next successful Markarth DLC addition, which will finish the grand adventure “The Dark Heart of Skyrim“.


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