Fortnite gold bars
Fortnite gold bars

And this time not all of them will be hostile. Talk to them to complete tasks they explained and leave with pockets full of goodness and Fortnite Gold Bars. Certain NPC’s and Fortnite Bounty board will even offer you and your party orders to kill another player within the allotted time frame. Check the map to find out the last location of the target, and find it before other players.

Is there a bounty on your head? Use the guide bar to determine how close the hunter is to you. Hide from pursuers before the order time expires and you will earn a reward instead. Protect the allies on whom the hunt is declared because everyone will get paid for it.

As soon as you send the target to the forefathers or you yourself manage to avoid the bounty hunters, your whole group will receive a new game currency – gold bars!

Live a luxurious life with Fortnite Gold Bars

Bars are a new resilient currency found throughout the island. Shake them out of sofas, get them out of safes or pick them up from killed opponents.

The most profitable way to earn coin? Bounties. Complete season 5 bounties and get paid for your work. Anything you earn will stay with you until the last match. Save up your wealth or indulge in fully upgraded weapons!

Fortnite gold bars
Fortnite gold bars

NPC is here for you

These friendly characters that can be found all over the island are ready to sell you weapons, upgrades, and more. But everything has a price. Start a match fully alert by landing next to your character, or look for itinerant merchants during the game. Pay with Fortnite Gold Bars to unlock high-end exotic weapons, useful consumables, and upgrades, and hire these characters as partners. There is a lot to review.

If you’re ready for an extra challenge, you can duel and collect their goods for free. Meet all the characters on the island and enter their location and merchandise information into the collection book. Plan your next disembarkation so that you can take advantage of their offers first.

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