Fujifilm GFX100
Fujifilm GFX100

In 2018 at PhotokinaFujifilm announced the development of a 100-megapixel medium format camera with such specifications that all seemed unreal. However, today the promised Fujifilm GFX100 camera is already for sale priced at $10, 000 with the new firmware available for downloading from the company’s website. The model is unlike anything there in the market.

Key Features

Despite seeming big and tall, the camera is of the same size as other professional cameras thanks to the mirrorless construction. What strikes the eye is the fast operating compared with other cameras of the type due to the 5 frame per second capability and a 41-shot JPEG buffer. It ensures far better photo quality than all previous Fujifilm cameras in the GFX series. Other important features of the model include a fast burst shooting, pro-oriented video recording, and perfect in-body stabilization.

Fujifilm gfx100
Fujifilm gfx100 photo

Image Quality

The 102 MP sensor stands for immaculate quality images and you don’t have to be a pixel-peeper to acknowledge the difference. The color reproduction is amazing, so is the new Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function that reveals all the intricate details in a photo. How does it work? The in-body stabilization moves the camera sensor in 0.5-px increments when capturing 16 RAW images. Then the software stitches all those RAW files into one 400-megapixel DNG image. Add the pictures with Capture One program later.
You can take images at many different light wavelengths since there are filters in front of the camera lens, which is, definitely, highly essential for cultural research.

Fujifilm GFX100 the Bottom Line

GFX100 is a camera for quite a narrow market. Actually, neither hobbyists nor even professionals need to snap 400-MP images. Fujifilm GFX100 is a perfect model for action photography, as well as scientific, forensic, and cultural preservation uses, and hence, is marketed for the mentioned spheres.


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