As the world is coming to terms with the amount of data floating around and the importance of privacy, some people have preferred to keep some of their information private, even on social media and ask a question how to make my Facebook profile not public?

When you open a Facebook account, the settings automatically go to public, so it is up to you to change them. Keeping your profile private means that people who are your friends are the only ones who can see it. Even when a random person searches up your name on Facebook or Google, it means that no unauthorized person will be able to view your page. The last thing you want is a weirdo looking up your name and finding everything you post online.

If you like your privacy, chances are you might have activated the public setting while browsing the settings, but not to worry as you can always change them back, and here is how to make my Facebook profile not public.

Privatize your Future posts.

One of the very first steps towards privacy is to limit the people who will see the posts you make in the future. This means that you can make the audience consist of just youth friends or just a group based on what you want. You have the option to even limit the posts to yourself, so you can keep the posts as a kind of log. To achieve this:

How to make my facebook profile not public
Facebook Settings

1. Go to the settings part of Facebook.

How to make my facebook profile not public

2. Click on the part that says Privacy, which will be on the sidebar on your left.

How to make my facebook profile not public

3. Click on Your Activity. This option will open up more options, but you can choose and edit who sees your future posts to the audience you want, i.e., Friends or others.
You can even exempt the friends you do not want to view your page.

Change who can see your older posts

Once you have changed the account settings for your future steps, the next logical step is to privatize your older posts so that the unintended audience is also kept out of your older posts. This helps, especially if you had some immature things said in your youth.

How to make my facebook profile not public

To do this, Go to Settings. Then proceed to the sidebar and head over to Your Activity. Under this section, you will see the find the Limit Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline. Click this option. This means that all the posts you have made in the past and happen to be public will only be visible to the people on your friends list. If you want to limit them to just yourself, you just might want to go through each post individually.

Become Harder to Find

If you want to know how to make my Facebook profile not public such that only the allowed people can see and find, there is a way you can make that happen too. If your page is public, it is easy for people to carry out searches using a phone number, an email, or a username. That said, all you can change this to work in your favor.

Head over to Settings and click on the Privacy setting on the left side of the monitor. Look for the How People Find and Contact You, then change it to the settings of your choice.

You can limit who sends you friend requests, those who can see your friends, and who can find you using your details such as email or phone number.

Using this place, you can also keep off search engines from linking information to your profile or account. Using this move, you can prevent anyone using Google or any other search engine from finding you.


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