Hulu Watch Party
Hulu Watch Party

Hulu was the first streaming service that released a built-in feature that allows watching movies with friends. In the midst of the pandemic, streaming service Hulu was one of the first to introduce video sharing, which will allow you to watch movies with friends. But if initially, the function called Hulu Watch Party was available only to those who paid for a premium subscription, now all users can use it.

What sets Hulu Watch Party apart?

Netflix can only be shared through a third-party application called Netflix-Party. Hulu‘s feature is built-in right into the platform. It is was available for ad-free plans only. According to Hulu, the Watch Party feature is for people over the age of 18. Anyone looking to watch should have their own ad-free Hulu plan and use the Hulu website.

You can start the Watch Party feature from the browser – now there is a separate small icon on the movie page for starting a joint viewing. After clicking on it, a link is generated that can be shared with friends – up to eight Hulu subscribers can watch movies together.

Hulu Watch Party
aHulu Watch Party

Share it and watch it together

After starting the Hulu Watch Party, you will see a link in the middle of the screen that you can share with anyone who wants to join. Send this to all the people you want to watch the video with.

Watch PartyGuide

You can also chat and pause the movie for yourself and then go to the same place that the rest of the audience reached.

Thousands of films from the service library are available for joint viewing.


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