Once Upon a Time in Hollywood book
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood book

Quentin Tarantino is releasing two books. He has already signed a corresponding contract with Harper Collins publishers. First Quentin Tarantino’s book is called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It is a work of narrative fiction and it is based on the like-named director’s film. The film version was released in 2019. It received 10 Oscar nominations and won 2 of them.

From his childhood, Tarantino has been fond of movie novelization. He has grown up reading paperbacks that were published in tandem with a film release. And even now the world-wide celebrated director hasn’t lost his great affection for the genre. He is proud to announce that he has made a new contribution to this marginalized though still fancied sub-genre of literature.

Quentin Tarantino's Book
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel

The novel is devoted to 2 main characters of Tarantino’s film. The first of them is TV-actor Rick Dalton. This personage was acted by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film version. The other protagonist is Rick Dalton’s stunt double Cliff Booth, acted by Brad Pitt. The action carries us back to Los Angeles in 1969. This time is considered to be the end of Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’. Both main characters understand that their careers are coming to an end. They are trying to find a decent job in Hollywood with all their might.

Tarantino’s novel is to be published in the summer of 2021. The main characters will be further explored as well as the mythology of Los Angeles. There are a lot of editors who recommend this Quentin Tarantino’s novel for readers with a great deal of confidence. They assure that Tarantino is a talented writer. His scripts have always proved this fact. But to see the whole depth of Tarantino’s talent for fiction you should read his books based on films. Even if you know the characters perfectly, you will be surprised how they have changed in the author’s interpretation.

Quentin Tarantino's Book
Pauline Kael

Quentin Tarantino’s Book – “Cinema Speculation”

The second Quentin Tarantino’s book is called ‘Cinema Speculation’. It is non-fiction literature and is partly based on the director’s admiration for Pauline Kael – the famous New York critic. This book is going to be a diverse mix of reviews, essays, and personal notes. Readers will have an opportunity to plunge into the author’s reflections. They will also get acquainted with tantalizing ‘what if’s’ from one of the most well-known film-makers. If you are ready to a deep submerge into the movies of the 1970s, filled up with speculations on the diversity of cinema life, then this Quentin Tarantino’s book is definitely for you. The date of release is still unknown.


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