Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan suggests immersing yourself with thrills at Super Nintendo World that’s been announced to open on February 4, 2021. Initially planned to be opened in spring of the next year, USJ, yet, made a huge surprise to the Japanese and not only, by moving the date forward for months! So, if you are ready to join the #WeAreMario movement, welcome to Japan in February the upcoming year.

Super Nintendo World has most Dazzling Attractions at Your Disposal

The world’s biggest life-size living video game – attraction park is a thematic and mesmerizing land that has collected Nintendo’s all famed worlds, personages, and adventures under one roof. Here, a visitor will get a real chance of playing inside the once-so-loved Nintendo games and feel what they’ve always imagined their favorite game characters felt! Here are the most dazzling adventures to take you by surprise:

Super Nintendo World
Mario Kart

Want a Ride in Mario Kart at Super Nintendo World?

Using cutting edge techs, USJ revived the well-known and loved Mario Kart courses. Here you will race with Mario and Peach against the enemies with shells, everything exactly as in the game. This will be the world’s first interactive park ride in a kart devoted to Mario’s character. It ensures you a huge rush of adrenaline for around 5 minutes. Like in all other attractions of the type, people with any physical or mental problems, unfortunately, won’t have a chance to enjoy it. If you don’t fall into this category and you’re at least 122 cm tall, you are welcome to the Mario Kart in Super Nintendo World!

Super Nintendo World
Yoshi’s Adventure

Yoshi‘s Adventure

Do you remember Yoshi by Nintendo? In Super Nintendo World Attractions park visitors will be offered to go on a journey with one. Get on one and head on to find the three mysterious eggs missing and take Captain Toad’s map to help you on your trip. From Mount Beanpole you will be presented with a gorgeous view over the Mushroom Kingdom! This is a perfect attraction to enjoy with friends and kids.

Super Nintendo World
Bowser Jr.

Want to Fight Bowser Jr? 

Bowser Jr has taken the Golden Mushroom. Will you help Peach to recover it? Playing various interactive games in this adorable park, collect three keys. Take them with you to your final fight against Bowser Jr. For this exciting boss battle you will need a Power Up Band (to be purchased).

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