Xbox app
Xbox App

The new generation of Xbox launched just a few weeks ago. But the head of the Xbox – Phil Spencer – has already said that the purchase of the console may soon become less necessary because of Xbox app for Smart TVs. Specifically, this refers to a streaming service like mobile xCloud. And although it is still in its infancy, in the future the service will be able to work on Smart TV.

All you need is a TV and a controller

In theory, this would allow users to launch Xbox app on a TV, similar to Netflix, and then select one of the games presented. Instead of additional hardware power in the form of a console, all you need to get it going is a compatible controller, a TV, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Currently, it costs $14.99 per month.

Xbox app means no more consoles?

Many players will be worried that the current console generation will be the last one. But Spencer nevertheless refutes these concerns – he firmly believes that the next generation of consoles – at least from Microsoft – will be, maybe in some hybrid form, similar to Google Stadia. Although, the alignment may still change, given the current trends in the industry.

Xbox app
Project xCloud

In turn, xCloud, which will soon be available on the new Series X and S consoles, is also adding getting some interest. The service will offer to try out the games before actually downloading them, for example, in the form of a demo version that is streamed to the Xbox.

The future is almost here

Could gaming has been around for many years, some platforms failed and some thrive to this day. One thing can be said for sure – it is the future of the gaming industry. And a hybrid version of the console sounds very intriguing. We just have to wait for the next generation and see what will come of it.

Also check that Xbox Series controllers will be compatible with iOs devices!


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