Xbox Series X controllers
Xbox Series X controllers

Are controllers essentials in mobile gaming? Despite mobile users claiming that gaming on phones is just like playing on a console, the reality is that touch controls can feel clunky and unreliable especially in competitive games that are becoming the norm for mobile gaming.

Many competitive and single-player mobile games greatly benefit from physical controllers. Unfortunately, paying extra for an appliance dedicated to a very specific game on your iPhone is not a financially sound decision.

Apple + Microsoft

In the recent announcement from Apple in the form of their new support document, the company revealed that they are closely working with Microsoft to make controllers for Xbox series X and Xbox series S compatible with iOS-powered devices such as iPhones and iPads. The nextgen consoles are pushing towards maximizing their audiences and bringing more social interactions to their platforms. What speaks “social networks” louder than mobile devices?

Xbox Series S controllers
Xbox Series S controllers

Another important point is that many games are available on multiple platforms. You may want to play a game on your PC but continue playing on your mobile phone. Or seamlessly transition from a battle that you started on your console to continuing grinding on an iPad. Having a physical controllers that you don’t even have to put down is an amazing prospect for gamers!

More controllers – more rumors…

There are rumors about possible support for Sony DualSense for PS5. The iOS 14.3 may very well bring this feature to millions of owners of both the console and an Apple device.

You may remember that Apple and Microsoft have collaborated before on Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers in the previous iteration of the iOS (the 14th version).



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